Finalising the route

Thursday, June 17, 2021
We’re working towards finalising the detailed design for the South Waikato National Grid Connection. This includes determining the route the circuit will be built along, the mix of underground cables and overhead lines, and pole placement for the overhead sections.

To keep you informed we’re hosting two information sessions on Monday 28 June as follows:

9am – 11am
Arapuni Hall
49 Arapuni Road

12:30pm – 4:30pm
Te Mātauranga o Korekore Conference Centre
4 – 6 Glenshea Street

Each session will start with a presentation, then our project team will be on hand to chat with you and answer any questions. Both sessions will present the same content, so you’re welcome to attend either session (or both).

You’ll hear details of the route, where poles for the overhead sections will be placed, what the poles will look like, and information about the construction process.

Light refreshments will be provided.