We bring electricity and gas to over 900,000 customers across the North Island. 

There’s a lot that goes into bringing light and heat to your home or business. We’re proud to play an important part thanks to the lines, cables and pipes we own.


Our part in bringing energy to you

We’re one part of the power supply chain. Energy is generated by power stations, then sent along transmission networks operated by Transpower (for electricity) and First Gas (for gas) to distributors like us. We own and maintain the local lines, cables and pipes that deliver power to the people and businesses who use it. You pay your retailer for the energy you use, and some of what you pay comes to us so we can continue to invest in our network to ensure your power supply is safe and resilient.

Our networks extend across the North Island, serving urban and rural homes, businesses, and major industrial and commercial sites.


Our electricity network


Kilometres of lines and cables covered by our network


Homes, businesses and industries connected to us


Our gas network


Kilometres of pipes make up our network


Homes, businesses and industries connected to us