High level of demand 

We work as quickly as we can to process requests for new connections, upgrades and other work on our network. There’s currently a high level of demand, as well as long lead times for Powerco-approved contractors to source electrical equipment. Please be aware it’s currently taking approximately six months for work to be carried out. We recommend engaging a Powerco-approved contractor as early as possible in your planning process. Thanks for your patience.


Arranging your connection

To connect, disconnect or upgrade your electricity connection contact a Powerco-approved contractor and they will carry out the work for you – including working with us as needed.

Engage your contractor early in your planning process because designing and installing your connection can take time depending on the size of your project.

You’ll find an overview of the process you’ll go through with your Powerco-approved contractor to get connected below.

We recommend that you get quotes from more than one contractor.

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Connection steps

Permanent disconnection (decommission)

If your electricity connection is no longer needed – such as when you demolish or remove a building – you need a permanent disconnection/decommission. You need to follow this process even if you’ll be rebuilding on the same site. Here’s what to do: 

Contact your retailer  
They will take your final meter reading and organise the removal of the meter. If you don’t know who your retailer is go straight to engaging a Powerco-approved contractor. 

Engage a Powerco-approved contractor 
They are qualified to safely disconnect the line or cable that connects the property to our network. Your retailer or electrician might organise a Powerco-approved contactor for you, so have a chat with them. 

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For more information about the decommissioning process

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Upgrading your existing connection

If you want to change your connection to our network – such as undergrounding your service line, or increasing the load you have, contact a Powerco-approved contractor to carry out the work for you. 

You can also engage a Powerco-approved contractor to move Powerco-owned assets that are close to your property. For instance, if you’ve widened your driveway and you need a pole or pillar box on the roadside berm to be moved. You’ll need to cover the costs to have the work carried out.

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Electrical connections and disconnections

Yes. A temporary builder’s supply goes through the same process as any other new connection. It’s likely your electrician will install the temporary supply box on your property and arrange for a Powerco-approved contractor to connect it to our network. If the temporary supply box is positioned very close to the final location of the meter box on the house, the cable that connects the temporary supply to the Powerco network may also be used to connect the finished house to our network. This saves time and money when the house is completed and the temporary supply box is no longer required.  

For more information on getting connected click here

No. Only Powerco-approved contractors can connect your service main to our network. Find a Powerco-approved contractor  

For information about permanent disconnections click here

To connect to our network, the first step is to contact your retailer. Then you’ll need a Powerco-approved contractor to design and install your connection. How long it will take will depend on how much work is required to enable your connection, and the availability of the Powerco-approved contractor you choose. Ask your contractor for an indication of timeframes when you’re getting the quote for the design and installation of your connection.

For more information on getting connected click here or find a Powerco-approved contractor  

The costs involved are assessed by your chosen Powerco-approved contractor and they’ll consider factors like the complexity of the design, the equipment required, and the work involved. Once they’ve assessed the costs involved, your Powerco-approved contractor will give you a quote with their price. You can get quotes from more than one Powerco-approved contractor so you can compare prices.  

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Because there’s no electrical work involved, you can organise your temporary disconnection for free. To find out how click here

Because electrical work is involved, you’ll need a Powerco-approved contractor to disconnect you from our network. Find a Powerco-approved contractor 

For information about getting connected click here  

No. You may need to pay towards the cost of a network upgrade or to have Powerco equipment installed on your property to enable your connection. However, the equipment will still belong to Powerco.

For information on the safety disconnection process click here