If you smell gas or a pipe is damaged and leaking

Call 0800 111 848

Gas leaks

  • Call us on 0800 111 848

  • Call 111 if there are injuries or site management is needed to manage the public 

  • Move to a safe location (yourself and others) upwind 

  • Don’t operate machinery or electrical equipment, including switches 

  • Don’t try to stop or repair leaks 

  • Put out any flames and cigarettes (including e-cigarettes)

  • Do not use your mobile phone or electronic equipment in the area 

Smell gas inside?

Call us on 0800 111 848 we will give you the following guidance, and help determine if you need to contact a gas fitter

  • Turn off gas appliances

  • Don’t smoke (including e-cigarettes), and extinguish any naked flames

  • Don’t use any electrical equipment, switches, mobile phones or electronic equipment

  • Vacate the building

  • Turn off the gas valve if you can do so safely. The valve is next to your gas meter, outside the building (scroll down to learn how).

Smell gas outside?

  • Call us on 0800 111 848
  • Move away from the area upwind of the source. 
  • Don’t smoke (including e-cigarettes) and extinguish any naked flames. 
  • Close windows and doors to stop gas entering buildings. 
  • Turn off machinery if you can.

How to turn off your gas valve

Your gas valve is next to your gas meter outside the building. Depending on your valve type, you may need a spanner to turn the gas off. 

Gas smells a bit like rotten eggs

If you think you smell gas, it's important that you leave the immediate area and contact us on 0800 111 848 as there may be a gas leak.

We want people to report any suspicious gas smells to us, so we can investigate them and help keep you safe. Whether they turn out to be a gas leak or not, it’s better that people let us know, rather than ignoring it.

This is because gas is highly flammable, which means if there’s a leak, combined with the likes of a spark from lighting a candle, flicking a light switch or using a mobile phone – it could lead to explosion or fire. That’s why, before contacting us, you should leave the immediate area and not use any electrical devices, light switches, matches or mobile phones in the area, as this could ignite the gas. 


Working close to pipes and cables

Working close to pipes and cables can be dangerous and requires you take specific safety precautions to help you avoid injury. Learn more about the safety measures you can take when working close to underground pipes and cables around your property.


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