Connecting fast chargers to our network

We’re here to support Aotearoa New Zealand’s sustainable energy transition, which is why we work with electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure providers to connect their fast chargers to our high-voltage network wherever possible.

As the popularity of EVs continues to grow, supporting development of a robust and efficient charging infrastructure is paramount. Factors such as our network capacity availability, location planning, and implementing effective load control systems will contribute to a successful integration of EV charging stations within our electricity distribution network.

Contact us early in your planning process so our dedicated Energy Solutions team can work with you to provide guidance specific to your project.

Getting your project underway

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EV charging infrastructure - Capacity availability enquiry form 

Our Energy Solutions team are here to provide you the support you require. By contacting us, you initiate an initial assessment of available network capacity, the work involved with connection and potential cost.

Please fill out the EV charging infrastructure - Capacity availability enquiry form below, which gives us relevant information about your project plans and electricity demand requirements. Alternatively, you can contact our team by emailing


Connection and service cost 

Higher charging capacities, and/or limited available load capacity in certain areas, may require substantial investments in electricity network upgrades, which result in upstream investment and increased connection cost. 

The ongoing distribution service charges are affected by several variables. These include the load capacity required for your fast EV charging connection, the value of assets supporting the connection, and regional differences in pricing structures and cost allocations. 

To help you get a better idea about average connection and service cost, please have a look at our EV charging infrastructure cost indication. This model is designed to be used as a pre-screening tool only, to gauge feasibility of your chosen design or location before you fill out the EV charging infrastructure - Capacity availability enquiry form.

Load management 

By sharing our average connection and service cost, we aim to help our customers to understand opportunities or limitations very early on in the design decision-making process.

Rather than your required load capacity being the leading factor, we welcome our EV charging customers to explore non-network energy solutions, such as ‘demand management’ to help decrease maximum peaks and connection size.  


EV connection enquiries dashboard

View our dashboard for insights on EV charging connections, current enquiry volumes and geographical spread.


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EV charging infrastructure - Capacity availability enquiry form