If lines have fallen or there’s imminent danger 

Call 0800 27 27 27

Fallen lines 

  • Call us on 0800 27 27 27 or call 111

  • All fallen lines should be treated as live

  • Keep yourself, other people and animals at least 10m away from the line

  • Stay away from trees or cars touching lines 

  • Do not try to rescue people or animals trapped by lines until they have been made safe

Vehicles and lines 

If a power line falls onto a car it may still be live and liven the car.

  • Do not try to rescue people from cars trapped by fallen lines

  • Stay inside the car until help arrives and the line has been made safe

  • If you are in danger and must exit the car, jump clear of the car keeping your feet together when you land. Do not touch the ground and the car at the same time. Once clear of the vehicle, shuffle away, keeping your feet together until you are at least 10 metres away 

Electrical safety

Earth pegs

Your earth peg is an important part of your building's electrical safety system. It ensures that any electrical faults inside the building go into the ground, keeping the people inside safe from serious shocks. Never touch your earth peg.

Earth pegs are usually near your electricity meter. If your earth peg is damaged or worn contact an electrician to ensure it's safe.

Pillar boxes

If you're connected to our network by underground cable rather than overhead line, you'll have a pillar box on your boundary or roadside.

Never touch your pillar box.

If your pillar box is damaged or in a location where it could be damaged (by a car for instance), contact us for an assessment.

Protecting your equipment

We do our best but when power surges happen they can damage appliances. Use surge protectors to protect your appliances, such as computers, televisions and whiteware. If you experience a power surge, switch appliances off at the wall.

If a power surge affects your appliances or internal wiring, contact your retailer (the company you pay your power bill to).

General safety if we have assets on your property 

  • Follow all safety or hazard notices displayed on our assets. 
  • Don’t touch assets. 
  • Don’t do anything that may damage assets. 
  • Keep trees at least 4m away from overhead lines. 
  • Don’t build or construct anything too close to assets. 

Planning to do work around our assets

If you plan to do work near the Powerco equipment on your property, it’s essential that you or your contractors are working safely. Find out more about safety when working around electricity or gas equipment. Contractor safety

Contact us

Contact us if you have concerns about the condition of Powerco-owned assets on your property, or if you feel it is becoming a hazard.