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We have developed Base PowerTM units to provide standalone power generation. The units use solar panels and battery storage, along with backup diesel generation to supply you with safe, reliable and durable power independent of our electricity network.

Reliability for remote customers 

A Base Power unit is a cost-effective solution for customers living in remote areas where distance and terrain makes maintaining traditional overhead lines challenging. We’ll be in touch if we think standalone generation is right for you. Watch how Base Power worked for the Bunn family in the central North Island.

Live self-sufficiently

Whether you’re looking for an off-grid solution to power your home, bach or small commercial operation, Base Power units can be tailored to meet your needs. Find out whether Base Power is right for you. 


The Base Power installation adheres to all the relevant Australia/New Zealand Electrical Standards. Along with this the Base Power Energy Storage Unit and generator are padlocked by Powerco to prevent access to the internals.

Base Power can be tailored to power a range of situations, including powering farmhouses, work places and small shearing sheds, and can also supplement cowshed supply.

No. You just need to keep the diesel topped up. A flashing light will alert you when the diesel requires topping up or there is a fault with the Base Power unit.

Most Base Power units supply 230 or 400 volts at 50Hz which is the same as the national grid. Most users continue their lives normally without having to take special measures such as buying new appliances. The units provide performance information that allows users to manage power efficiency if they wish to do so.

The Base Power Energy Storage Unit and generator can handle almost any type of weather and do not need additional protection. They are typically installed on concrete pads that help keep the weeds away. The solar generation will need to be installed in a sunny spot which is free from shading.

  • If you’re currently on our electricity network and you think a Base Power unit would work better for you than the overhead lines you have in place, contact us.
  • If you’re interested in buying a Base Power unit as an off-grid solution, contact the team at

Your Electricity Supply

No. You won’t have a retailer when your electricity is supplied by Base Power.

No. Powerco will manage this process with your retailer.

Powerco will supply electricity through the Base Power equipment that it will own and maintain.

Powerco will provide you with generation, storage and management services for the Base Power equipment on your property.

Powerco will send you an invoice with details of how to pay.

You’ll pay a maintenance fee to Powerco.

You will need to purchase the diesel and arrange for the unit to be refuelled. Our Powerco representative will explain the options for refuelling.

No. You won’t pay for Base Power equipment.

Powerco cannot promise this for any customer. However, we have selected you to receive your supply by Base Power to provide you with a better quality of supply than you had before.

Electricity lines on my property

Powerco will inform you which assets are ours and which are yours.

Nothing for the first six months. Our Base Power representative will discuss the next steps with you.

You will own and maintain your line. Learn more about service lines.


Yes. You’ll still have a low-voltage service line to your property/building.

Ownership and maintenance of Base Power equipment

Powerco will own and maintain it.

Yes. Powerco needs you to ensure our Base Power equipment isn’t moved, tampered with or interfered with, except by our approved contractor.

Yes. Powerco’s approved contractor will get in touch for any planned maintenance.

Please discuss this with our Powerco representative.

You can contact our Powerco representative. Base Power equipment is Powerco-owned and we need to approve any alterations or changes to your installation.

Faults and problems

Call 0508 227 376. Our contractor will respond to your call and help you.

No. These units require a specialised contractor which Powerco will arrange.

Our Powerco representative will discuss the best location with you.