Powerco urging customers to prepare for strong weather

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Powerco has field crews on standby to respond to outages this weekend, and is urging customers to be prepared.

Heavy rain and wind are expected from Sunday 30 April as an active front approaches the North Island.

Powerco is monitoring the situation and has field crews on call to respond to outages across its network including Coromandel, Tauranga and South Waikato which are expected to be impacted by the strong weather.


How customers can prepare

Powerco asks customers to please secure trampolines and any outdoor furniture or equipment that can potentially be blown into overhead lines in high winds and cause outages.

Powerco also recommends that customers prepare for a potential outage by charging devices (laptops and phones) or having power banks ready, along with torches and topping up BBQ gas bottles if available.

More tips on preparing for a power outage are available on Powerco’s website here: powerco.co.nz/outages/being-prepared-for-a-power-outage


What to do in the event of an outage

If customers do experience an outage this weekend they’re advised to report their outage by:

Customers can also check for outages on Powerco’s outage map here: outages.powerco.co.nz/


If there's an emergency

In the event of emergency - such as lines down - stay well clear and treat them live at all times. Phone Powerco on 0800 27 27 27.


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