Powerco partners with EnergyMate

Friday, October 02, 2020

Powerco is proud to support EnergyMate, a coaching service. 

Powerco is helping 100 Hawera whānau make the most of their electricity through EnergyMate, a free in-home coaching service for those at risk of energy hardship. 

Many Kiwis – especially through winter – struggle to keep their home warm or to pay their power bill when increased use of heating drives the bill up. 

That’s why Powerco has joined EnergyMate to deliver energy coaching services to Hāwera, provided by the Hāwera Budget Advisory Service. 

EnergyMate is supported by the Electricity Retailers Association in various areas across NZ, as well as other lines companies and electricity retailers.  

During an in-home visit, an EnergyMate coach connects each household with their power company to help get them on the best plan and payment terms for their needs. Coaches also advise on heating the home cheaply, use appliances efficiently, check hot water and shower flow and even provide free LED lightbulbs for instant power savings. Combined, these steps can help save hundreds of dollars a year. 

Powerco Customer and Communications Strategy Manager Oliver Vincent says EnergyMate provides an opportunity to be part of the solution and to bring the electricity sector together for the benefit of customers.

“Knowing that there are people and families struggling to pay their power bill and keep their home heated calls for action, which is why Powerco is passionate about supporting EnergyMate.

“Powerco serves Hāwera through the delivery of safe, reliable, and efficient energy, and therefore it’s important to us that our vulnerable customers have access to affordable energy.” 

For more information visit: https://www.energymate.nz/about

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