Powerco keeps the power on and gas flowing for communities during COVID-19 Alert Level 4

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Powerco has cancelled its planned, non-urgent maintenance work for the next three days to minimise disruption to customers at home.

As defined as an essential service provider by the New Zealand Government, Powerco will restrict its work to fixing faults and making emergency repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of its networks during the current COVID-19 Alert Level 4 status. 

Powerco Acting Chief Executive Chris Taylor says the company is conscious of the need for a reliable supply of electricity and gas to households and other emergency services across the North Island, now more than ever. 

“We understand the stress that people will be facing, many of whom are at home with their family and in some cases working remotely, which is why we want to minimise any further disruption over the next three days. 

“We’re committed to supporting the needs of our communities by keeping the power on and gas flowing safely and reliably to our customers. To do this, we will continue to monitor our networks and crews are on standby to carry out any essential work required, such as emergency repairs. 

“During these challenging times, the reliability of our electricity and gas networks is vital to keeping essential services such as GP surgeries, pharmacies, supermarkets and service stations running. We’d like to thank our crews for their dedication as they work to the Alert Level 4 guidelines over the next few days,” Chris Taylor says. 

Powerco will reschedule the non-essential work which had been planned for the next three days and customers will be notified by their retailers (the company that sends their energy bill) in due course to confirm their new planned outage date. 

As more information becomes available from the New Zealand Government, Powerco will continue to reassess its planned non-urgent work and advise customers accordingly. 

Crews will be maintaining social distancing and following guidance from the New Zealand Government while working to make any essential repairs. 

Customers can keep updated with information on Powerco’s website at www.powerco.co.nz.

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