Arranging your connection

To connect, disconnect or upgrade your electricity connection contact a Powerco-approved contractor and they will carry out the work for you – including working with us as needed.

Engage your contractor early in your planning process because designing and installing your connection can take time depending on the size of your project.

You’ll find an overview of the process you’ll go through with your Powerco-approved contractor to get connected below.

We recommend that you get quotes from more than one contractor.

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Connection steps

Large commercial/industrial/residential developments

If you’re building a large commercial or industrial site of 750kVa or more, or you’re building a residential development of 100 lots or more, you’ll find information about large connections here:

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Permanent disconnection (decommission)

If your electricity connection is no longer needed – such as when you demolish or remove a building – you need a permanent disconnection/decommission. You need to follow this process even if you’ll be rebuilding on the same site. Here’s what to do: 

Contact your retailer  
They will take your final meter reading and organise the removal of the meter. If you don’t know who your retailer is go straight to engaging a Powerco-approved contractor. 

Engage a Powerco-approved contractor 
They are qualified to safely disconnect the line or cable that connects the property to our network. Your retailer or electrician might organise a Powerco-approved contactor for you, so have a chat with them. 

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Upgrading your existing connection

If you want to change the connection you already have – such as moving a pole, undergrounding your supply, or increasing the load you have, contact a Powerco-approved contractor to carry out the work for you. 

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