Large-scale connections

If you're connecting large-scale load, whether as greenfield development or if you're expanding existing operations, our dedicated Energy Solutions team will work with you to find the electricity supply solution that best meets your needs.

Each network development project is different based on the scale, location and complexity of the electricity supply requirements. We'll work with you to understand your requirements, and then design, price and build the network supply that's right for you. We may also recommend alternative solutions such as demand management or non-network solutions if we believe they are a good option for you.

Make sure you get in touch with us early in your planning process. To help you with a preliminary assessment for new or increased load, please view our demand capacity map and see the available network capacity to our high-voltage network.  It's important to note that the map is an estimate only and will give a general indication about what capacity might be available. 

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(Please note: this map provides approximate demand capacity only)

Our network development and your service connection

Network development involves either building new lines or cables to reach your site and/or increasing capacity on our network if your load will exceed what's currently available. Depending on how much more capacity is needed, that can involve new transformer or substation equipment, or working with Transpower to provide more power from the national grid.

While network development is carried out you'll need to arrange any electrical works within your site, retail metering to measure your electricity consumption, and your service connection which will connect your site to our network.

Connecting solar

If you're connecting solar panels as all or part of your electricity solution, you'll also engage in our distributed generation connection process.

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Timeframes for enabling your connection

Designing and building large-scale load takes time, particularly if significant development is required on our network, or the national grid to supply you. There are also long-lead times for some types of equipment.

Major customer works process

We recommend contacting us as early in your planning process as possible.
Here's what you can expect:

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Connection enquiries dashboard

For transparency on project connections, please view our connection enquiries dashboard here for insights on our enquiry volumes.


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Connection steps

Capacity availability enquiry form

Demand capacity on our high voltage network

To help you with a preliminary assessment, view our demand capacity map to see the available network capacity on our high-voltage network.

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