Improving the quality of our data

Screen of Powerco data.

In 2019 we implemented our Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) – our new business platform (read more about our ERP here).

Moving from our old systems was an opportunity to review and better-organise our asset data, and to fill any gaps we had.

Having accurate information about the assets we have out on our network, and the condition they’re in helps us make informed decisions about the work we do.

  • To improve our asset data we set up a dedicated team to work on our Data Improvement Programme, which includes a number of projects like:
  • Implementing new software and processes to continually monitor the quality of data going into our systems.
  • Collecting and entering missing data about our assets.
  • Establishing more formal review and auditing processes to close our projects.
  • Improving our data governance and data standards.

With hundreds of thousands of pieces of electricity equipment across our network – some in rugged and remote areas – you can imagine that this work has required collecting and updating a lot of information.

You can read more about our data quality journey in our project updates below.




Latest project update

Tuesday, August 15, 2023
We’ve been progressively labelling every pillar box on our network with an identification code and adding the details, including information about how they connect to other circuits, to our online mapping and data system (GIS).

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