Improving the quality of our data

Screen of Powerco data.


We’ve implemented phase one of our Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) – our new business platform (you can read more about this here).

We need accurate data about the assets we have on our network – what they are, what condition they’re in and how they’re performing. Moving to ERP from our old systems was an opportunity to review and better organise this information, and to fill any gaps.

To do this, we’ve been working on:

  • Implementing new software and processes to continually monitor the quality of data going into our systems
  • Collecting and entering missing data about our assets (see some of our figures below)
  • Establishing more formal review and data auditing processes to close our projects

As you can imagine, this work has required collecting and updating a lot information. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved recently (2020 -2021):

  • Updated 800 High Voltage conductor size records after getting them verified from field checks
  • Updated our low voltage (LV) transformer circuitry, including corrections to the Geographic Information Systems data using insights from site check findings and outage complaints. We have covered 64% of our LV network checking the connectivity and numbering.
  • Reviewing our process for closing our projects, which essentially means we make sure we’ve recorded the right assets before we finish the job.

We’ve set up a dedicated team to work on our Data Improvement Programme and have completed over 30 small data quality initiatives in the last year to improve our data. This includes verifying core data about some of our most important and valuable assets, to ensure we have the correct information in our systems.

We’re taking more photos of our assets and updating our master records. This allows our service providers to identify equipment in the field by having more accurate and robust information. We have also implemented a feedback process so that our service providers can let us know if our records are incorrect.

As part of our ongoing focus to improve the quality of our information, we’re continuing to focus on our data standards and our data governance framework. Our Asset Information Strategy, Policy and Data Standard are now in place and we’re making progress towards achieving ISO55001 certification (which you can more read about here).

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