Gas smart meter rollout


We’re replacing around 45,000 gas meters across our network. 

That’s a lot of meters, so we’re starting in September 2022, and we expect the rollout could go through until late 2024. 


Your new smart meter

The new smart meters will be able to send your gas usage information remotely to your retailer (the company you pay your gas bill to), so they’ll no longer need to send meter readers to collect your reading. 

We’re currently installing smart meters for residential customers only at the request of the retailer.


Your new gas smart meter


What it means for you

There’s no charge to you to install the new meter, but we do need to turn your gas off during installation so our technician can work safely. 

They’ll also need to check your gas appliances before they relight them, so an adult will need to be home to provide access to your property. 


Our part in bringing gas to your door

We’re your gas distribution company, so we’re responsible for the gas network that brings gas along the street and up to your door, including your metering hardware. We’ll have technicians from our contractor companies  working on our behalf.
We’re rolling out gas smart meters across our network.
Map of Powerco's gas network


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Read about the work we're doing to enable Aotearoa's transition to low carbon gas in our sustainability space, or visit The Gas Hub's Future Zone.


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You’ll find frequently asked questions about smart meters below. If you have any additional questions you can phone us on 0508 427 638.



Smart meters measure how much gas you use and when. The meter then sends your usage information wirelessly through secure transfer methods to your retailer, removing the need for a person to come to your property to do a meter reading.
No. We’re replacing your existing meter with new technology which will record when your gas is used and provide accurate meter readings remotely.

You’ll receive a letter or an email from your retailer informing you when our technician will visit your property to change the meter. 

If you’d like to arrange a more convenient time for your meter replacement, please call us on 0508 427 638.

Please clear any objects from around the gas meter on the day we’ll be on site so that it’s accessible, and if you have a dog please ensure s/he is secured.

Our registered metering technician will remove your existing meter and replace it with your new smart meter. The process will take about 40 minutes.

During this time your gas will be switched off so the technician can work safely.

You’ll need to be at home when we turn your gas back on, so we can check to make sure your gas appliances are working correctly. 

If you won’t be home while we’re doing the install, that’s ok. Please make sure an adult is home between 4pm and 8pm on the day of the change and we will come back to relight and check your gas appliances.

Yes we’ll need to turn your gas off for approximately 40 minutes while we remove your current meter and install the new one.
We’ll need to turn your gas supply off while we install your new gas meter. Once completed, we’ll check your gas appliances to ensure that any air introduced to the gas pipework has been purged so that your gas appliances will work correctly. This requires a trained technician for safety reasons.
The advanced gas meters use Cat-M1 which is a low-power wide area network (LPWAN) mobile technology that is built specifically for IoT (internet of things) devices. This technology is best suited to send low or medium amounts of data like usage data.
Advanced meter data is held securely and transferred confidentially, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. The collection, use and disclosure of meter data is subject to strict protection arrangements and confidentiality rules. By law, meter data can only be accessed by customers, a technician from the relevant meter data provider, your gas retailer and others who are entitled to it (eg. authorised bodies, distribution networks or other third-party service providers with your consent). Your retailer should have privacy policies to protect meter data.
As the owner of the property, your landlord should have already been notified, however please still inform your landlord or body corporate that this work will be taking place. In some circumstances we may need to make a minor modification to your property. We will seek consent before we do anything.

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