WISE healthy homes - Taranaki

Powerco is proud to support the Waitara Initiatives Supporting Employment Trust (WISE), a charitable trust that delivers initiatives across the wider Taranaki community to reduce the effects of poverty.

One of these initiatives sends helpful experts called Home Performance Advisors into the homes of Kiwis at risk of energy hardship. During their visit, they identify efficient heating and lighting solutions, ventilation tips, ways to reduce moisture build-up and more.

For homes that need further support, WISE has introduced a new programme from their Warmer Homes and Illness Prevention Installation Team (WHIPIT), supported by Powerco.

WHIPIT’s team of 2-3 people follow up to correct issues identified by the Home Performance Advisors, completing an array of services inside and outside the home that improves overall home health and optimises energy use.

The programme was piloted in 2021, and since then has been delivered to 30 homes throughout Taranaki, of which five Powerco has supported. 

Whānau who have benefited from this initiative tell us they’ve had warmer homes, less illness and reduced power bills.

This was also supported by a WHIPIT Impact Assessment of Winter 2022, which looked at data gathered over the course of 2022 (such as night-time temperature and indoor-outdoor temperature correlation) and found that the “healthiness” of homes in the programme had markedly improved after interventions.

WISE report in graph

You can benefit from this initiative too - click here to see our top tips for an energy efficient home.


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