Get the best start to your engineering career by joining our graduate programme. You’ll gain experience across our business, working alongside each of the teams that maintain our electricity and gas networks. 

  • Planning

  • Design

  • Asset management

  • Network operations

  • Project management 

We’ll pair you with a senior engineer and a second-year graduate to mentor you through the programme. Along the way you’ll receive a competitive pay package with increases every six months as your contribution to the success of our business grows. The programme supports you in developing the technical competencies you’ll need to become an Engineering New Zealand chartered engineer. 

We’re looking for people with a Bachelor of Engineering or a diploma in a related field. 

Applications for our 2023 graduate programme open in June 2022. 

Graduate Cecilia Fang

Watch Protection Engineer Cecilia Fang, who participated in our graduate programme, talk about how Powerco is the place to realise career ambitions.

Darrin Hillas
Electrical engineer

“Throughout the graduate programme I’ve worked in various teams learning how everything works and comes together, giving me a greater appreciation of the industry and the challenges it faces. What I enjoy are the opportunities to smooth operation and maintenance of the electrical network. These moments are often thanks to learning on the job and working with team members.” 

Kevin Chang
Electrical engineer

“Graduate engineers have an opportunity to experience every aspect of Powerco’s power business. In my first rotation in the asset fleet team, field inspection was the coolest and most interesting part that I enjoyed the most - such as the Patea urban network renewal project which connects the real-world situation to the network data. It was also exciting when I rotated to my current group which is the planning team. It is responsible for network development. Change environment and encountering new knowledge are always challenging and exciting.” 

Kieran McNair
Electrical engineer

“Powerco is a large organisation with plenty of different areas of the business which will interest a wide range of applicants. The grad programme is great because you will get to rotate between all of these areas to find where you fit best.” 

Nithin Ravi
Electrical engineer

“I get many opportunities to go on site to observe and learn about Powerco’s assets. Not every day is the same, you always feel engaged and there are always new and exciting projects going around you. The flexible working hours here at Powerco really helps me to have freedom to choose my own work time, which further helps to focus on my interests and hobbies.”