Gain hands-on experience in your area of interest with our intern programme. Open to motivated and enthusiastic people in high school or studying towards a Bachelor or Diploma. Work alongside our team from November to February and learn the things only experience can teach. Sound like you?  

Applications for our 2023-24 summer internships are now closed. Applications for our 2024-25 programme will open mid-2024.

Assad Mohammed
Auckland University of Technology – Electrical engineering

Assad modelled renewable energy opportunities with the Business Development team. 

“Powerco is definitely future centric compared to some other energy companies, and the Business Development team where I have been working is the centre of where all this action happens.” 

Elijah Wilson
Victoria University of Wellington – Software engineering

Elijah had hands-on experience working on the real-time data systems that inform the electricity Network Operations Centre. 

“Working at Powerco has been such a great experience and a way of preparing for the future. It’s helped teach me how to keep a healthy and positive mindset towards work, and showed me that there’s more to work than just sitting at a desk.” 

Shaelyn Hattle
University of Otago – Economics and Finance, Management

Shaelyn worked with the electricity delivery team to design an online application form for customers switching to solar energy. 

“What I’ve enjoyed the most about Powerco has been meeting and working with all sorts of new people. It’s been great getting to know everyone and hearing a bit about the work they do in the business. There are some very forward-thinking people here, who have been great to learn from.” 

Yasmin Sue
University of Auckland – Chemical and materials engineering, Commerce
Yasmin worked with the gas team on a feasibility study for a gas equipment upgrade. 

“It’s been a really awesome experience having so much industry knowledge around you all the time.”