Over-height load permits

If you’re transporting a high load over 4.31m, you need to apply for a permit so we can check that your travel routes and plans are safe.  

If your load is over 5.5m high, charges may apply for a contractor to escort your load or for planned outages to be arranged to ensure your load is kept clear of overhead lines. (If a planned outage is required, your transport date may need to change so affected customers can be notified in advance).  

You’ll also need to notify Chorus and UltraFast Fibre assurance@ultrafast.co.nz about your high load because fibre cables may be on power poles too. Find more information about overdimension load requirements on the NZTA website

High load permit form

Powerco requires one business day notice

Powerco requires five business days notice

Powerco requires ten business days notice

*Please pick a Height Category first.

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Find an approved contractor to help

You must use a certified Powerco-approved contractor to carry out work on our electricity network, including connections, disconnections and upgrades.

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