If you're working within 4 metres of overhead lines or digging within 5 metres of power poles and their supports, transformers or switch boxes, you need to let us know by filling in the form below, so we can ensure you're working safely. We'll send someone to assess your site and issue the permit to do the work near our assets. Your permit can apply for up to a week.

If your work involves digging, visit beforeUdig first to get your enquiry number. Then fill in the form below if you will be digging within 2 metres of underground electrical or gas equipment - cables and pipes. If the assets you are working near are marked as 'strategic' on the beforeUdig plans, you will need to apply for a stand over request

Close Approach Consents are provided free of charge.

Please note: We need at least FIVE working days' notice to issue a Close Approach Consent.

Onsite address

You’re required to have mapping from beforeudig.co.nz before applying for a stand over permit.