High Load Application Form

Notice Required:

The Powerco Over Height Load Administrator is available during business hours only (Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.00pm). 
Notice timeframes

  • Between 4.25m and 4.9m: 24 hours notice (apply directly to Powerco)
  • Between 5m and 5.4m: five working days' notice (apply directly to Powerco)
  • Greater than 5.5m: 10 working days. Costs may apply. Apply via a Powerco Approved Contractor who will manage the application on your behalf.
  • If the route taken requires a planned outage then the Powerco approved contractor will advise of the travel date required.
  • Load width: Greater than 8m: five working days' notice
Terms of Powerco Limited High Load Permit

By making an application to transport a high load, the applicant agrees:
  • That any permit issued by Powerco is valid only for the date specified on the permit
  • That, if the information provided is incorrect and as a result damage is suffered, the Applicant will cover all costs of repairing that damage and indemnify Powerco against any claims by third parties arising from that damage.
  • To take all due care, whether or not the load is escorted
  • That the issue of a permit by Powerco does not exempt the Applicant from liability arising from damage to Powerco’s network caused by the load, whether it is escorted or not
  • To abide by the terms of the permit and the directions of Powerco’s escort (if any) and
  • To pay all charges required by Powerco or Powerco’s Approved Contractors in connection with the transport or escort of the load. 
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    Contact a Powerco approved contractor http://www.powerco.co.nz/Approved-Contractors/ to apply for a permit
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