Gas safety

Bad smell? Don’t blame the dog. It could be a gas leak. 

If you think you smell gas call us on 0800 111 848.  

We want our customers to report any suspicious gas smells to us, so we can investigate them. Whether they turn out to be gas leaks or not, it’s better that people let us know if they think they smell gas, rather than ignoring it. 

Our field crews are available 24/7 to investigate suspected gas leaks. We encourage anyone to call us if they smell gas inside or outdoors. 

Here’s what else you should do:

In an emergency
If a gas pipe is damaged and leaking 

  • Call us on 0800 111 848 or 111 if there are injuries 

  • Move to a safe location (yourself and others) upwind 

  • Do not operate machinery or electrical equipment 

  • Don’t try to stop or repair leaks 

If you smell gas indoors 

  • Turn off gas appliances 
  • Do not smoke (including e-cigarettes), and extinguish any naked flames 
  • Do not use any electrical equipment or switches 
  • Do not use your mobile phone or electronic equipment 
  • Turn off the gas valve if you can

If you smell gas outside 

  • Do not smoke (including e-cigarettes), and extinguish any naked flames 

  • Close windows and doors to stop gas entering buildings 

  • Turn off machinery if you can