Electricity pricing changes

From 1 April 2022, our electricity distribution charges are increasing.


We update our prices annually to reflect changes in how our network is used – such as the number of customers living and working in the areas we serve – and the cost of meeting your electricity needs.


The impact on your electricity bill will depend on a few things, such as how you use our network and how your retailer chooses to repackage these changes for you.


See below for a breakdown of how our charges are changing in each region.

Prices for Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatū and Wairarapa 

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   Change  Weighting  Result
 Distribution 9.7%  73%  7.1%
 Transmission 2.8%  27%  0.7%
 Overall     7.8%

Prices for Coromandel, Thames and South Waikato

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   Change  Weighting  Result
 Distribution  11.2%  66%  7.4%
 Transmission  0.7%  34%  0.2%
 Overall     7.6%

Prices for Bay of Plenty and Tauranga

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   Change  Weighting  Result
 Distribution  10.2%  69%  7.0%
 Transmission  2.1%  31%  0.7%
 Overall      7.7%

We're part of your power bill

Our charges make up around a quarter of your overall electricity bill.


We also pass on Transpower’s charges for the national transmission network (also known as the National Grid). These make up about another 11% of your electricity bill – see the chart on the right.


We own and manage the poles, wires, transformers, and other assets that deliver power to your door.


We continue to invest in these assets to ensure your electricity supply is safe, reliable, and meets your needs – both now and in the future. 

Connecting you now and in the future

We have 344,000 homes, businesses and industries connected with us across the North Island.

We continue to invest in your community to keep the lights on and the electricity flowing. We do this safely, reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably.

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