Downer crew member working on a cross-arm

Here's what you need to know:

We're conducting a planned electricity outage in Coromandel town and the immediate surrounds on 11 May.

The outage is planned for 8:30am to 3:30pm.

You'll receive notification from your retailer (the company you pay your power bill to) if you’ll be affected by the outage.

You can also search your address on our planned outages page. You can also use this page on the morning of a planned outage to check whether an outage is going ahead click here

In the event of bad weather the outage will be postponed until Wednesday 18 May.

The CBD will remain on, along with the following schools, medical centres and rest homes:

  • Colville School
  • Colville Medical Centre (aka Colville Community Health Centre)
  • Coromandel Area School
  • Coromandel Community Preschool
  • Coromandel Family Health Centre
  • Coromandel Medical Centre
  • Coromandel Playcentre
  • Manaia School
  • Phoenix House Hospital Rest Home
  • Te Korowhai Coromandel Health Centre
  • Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Harataunga (aka Kennedy Bay School)

There will be short outages (up to one hour long) between 8 and 11pm on Tuesday 10 May, and again on Wednesday 11 May for the CBD and the businesses listed above to connect (and then disconnect) the generators we'll be using to keep your power on during the main outage on 11 May.


What we'll be working on

Our contractors Downer and Northpower will be replacing overhead poles and cross-arms on the line between Coromandel and Whitianga. This essential work ensures electricity supply in the area will be reliable and resilient well into the future.


Planned outage tips

We know outages - particularly lengthy ones like this - are never convenient, so we’d like to thank your for your patience while we complete this work.

Here's what you can do to get ready:

  • If you or someone in your household is medically dependent on power, check with your doctor and your energy retailer (the company you pay your power bill to) to ensure that your back up plan is up to date. 
  • Ensure you have on hand everything your household needs to get through the day. Make sure all devices are fully charged and consider having a spare battery or mobile power pack. 
  • Your wi-fi and cordless landline phones will likely be affected, so having a back-up communications plan is important. If you have a data plan on your mobile phone, you can create a mobile hot spot and use it to access the internet on other devices (such as a laptop). You can create your mobile hotspot from the settings of your phone. (e.g. using a mobile phone to create a wi-fi hotspot). 
  • If you have an electric garage door or gate, check that you know how to manually override this.
  • If your property has pumps for water, they may not work when the power is off. To prepare, you can store clean water supplies ahead of time for drinking and washing, and keep buckets of water nearby on the day for flushing the toilet.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible, as this helps maintain the cold temperature inside. Most freezers will keep food at a safe temperature for up to 24 hours, as long as the doors stay closed.


We do planned outages during the day so our crews can work safely. We understand there’s never a convenient time to have a planned outage, so thank you for your patience. Maintaining and improving our network is essential for you to have safe, reliable and resilient power supply.

There will be a short outages (up to one hour long) between 8pm and 11pm on Tuesday 10 and again on Wednesday 11 to connect (and disconnect) generation. The generation will enable us to keep your power on during the big outage on 11 May.

Switch the unit off prior to the outage if you can. Our crew may remove your service fuse at your service pole or pillar box as an extra precaution, so your power may go off slightly earlier and be restored slightly later than the times in the letter or email from your retailer advising you of the outage.