We prepare and provide submissions to a number of regulatory, government department and industry bodies on issues affecting the electricity and gas industries. You can find those submissions here.

Commerce Commission - DPP4 issues paper

Electricity Authority - Proposed changes to default distributor agreement

Ministry for the Environment - Proposed NPS for Natural Hazard decision making

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment - Gas Transition plan issues paper

Parliament Select Committee - Emergency Management Bill

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment - Market measures for the energy transition

Parliament Select Committee - Inquiry into climate adaptation

Ministry for the Environment – Review of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme  

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Strengthening the resilience of the critical infrastructure system  

Electricity Authority – Ensuring an orderly thermal transition 

Commerce Commission – Draft Input Methodologies determination

Commerce Commission – DPP4 process paper

Climate Change Commission – advice on the 2026-2030 Emissions Reduction Plan

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - Strengthening national direction on renewable electricity generation and electricity transmission

Ministry of Transport – draft Charging Our Future strategy 

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Proposed strategies to address energy hardship

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Enabling offshore renewable energy 

Electricity Authority – EDB regulatory settings

Government – Water Services Legislation Bill

Government – Natural and Built Environment Bill

Commerce Commission - declining demand options

Commerce Commission - cost of capital