Replant for Tomorrow

Monday, July 13, 2020

Powerco team after planting trees

Powerco has partnered with Asplundh and Wild for Taranaki to plant 2,500 native trees in the region.

The ‘Replant for Tomorrow’ initiative will benefit the environment and be enjoyed by generations to come.

Powerco Chief Executive Nigel Barbour says it was an easy decision to be involved.

“Replant for Tomorrow allows us to make a contribution to re-establishing native habitats which in turn contribute to cleaner air and water, and provide a home for our native wildlife.

“It’s a way to redress the tree removal work Powerco conducts to keep power lines clear and our customers’ lights on.”

With many serious outages during storms caused by trees or branches being blown into powerlines, proactive tree management is important to ensuring the supply of safe and reliable power.

That’s why Powerco’s tree management programme removes around 2,500 trees from the Taranaki region each year, through its contractor Asplundh.

With ‘Replant for Tomorrow’, Powerco will fund a replacement tree for every tree removed, with plans to scale this up in 2021 and plant two trees for every tree removed. Wild for Taranaki have secured the land and Asplundh will be donating their time to do the planting and maintenance while the seedlings are established.

The planting site at Omoana, east of Eltham, has been provided by the Native Forest Restoration Trust and forms part of Wild for Taranaki’s efforts to restore biodiversity in Taranaki by creating corridors for native birds and animals to thrive in through the Restore Taranaki Initiative. Their goal is to restore the cloak of Taranaki by 2050.

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