Smart EV charging project

Electric vehicle driving on a rural road

Over the next three years, we’re collecting data on how Kiwis charge their electric vehicles at home so that we can prepare our network for the future. 

As more Kiwis start to own and drive electric vehicles (EVs), Powerco wants to understand their charging behaviours so that we can make sure our network can effectively support them, particularly around times of peak loads.

To do this, we launched a Smart EV Charging Project in 2020. The project will see us installing EV smart charging units into the homes of 80 participants across our North Island network and collecting information about their charging habits over the next three years.

Hugo King, Powerco’s Technology and Innovation Engineer, says the data we collect will help us prepare for and meet the future network requirements.

“In 2020, we saw a 23% increase of EV use on our Powerco network. It’s important that we plan for the impact this growth will have on our network. For example, if in 20 years, many of our customers have an EV charging in the garage each night, we’ll need to make significant changes to our network to maintain energy efficiency and ensure our network can support this additional load.”

The Smart EV Charging Project will run from 2021 to 2023, separated into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – collecting baseline data, with some managed charging

  • Phase 2 – further managed charging, with participants split into different groups and charging schedules

  • Phase 3 – focus on load management, simulating a new market by offering EV charging control to third parties


August 2020
Recruitment begins for project participants

February 2021
First smart charger installations complete

March 2021
Baseline data starts to be collected

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