Rural schools upgrade

Kaimata school principal and students

Kaimata Primary School Principal Charlaine Spencer and her teachers have “peace of mind” in their power supply following an upgrade of the poles and lines outside their school gate.

“It’s good to know the lines outside the school are in good condition and that our school users are safe,” Charlaine says.

Powerco contractors were hard at work during the December 2020/January 2021 school holidays upgrading the power supply at 12 rural Taranaki primary schools – an investment of $490,000.

While schools in urban areas are already largely on modern parts of Powerco’s electricity network, rural primary schools are often located in areas due investment.

All rural Taranaki primary schools’ power supply was checked as part of the project, with upgrade work ranging from replacing poles, lines and cross-arms, to some undergrounding of cables.

Ian Skipworth, Powerco’s General Manager Service Delivery and Systems Operations, says the work is important because schools are a focal point for rural communities.

“We recognise school facilities are multi-purpose sites. They’re used for teaching as well as Civil Defence emergency centres, polling places, and to hold community events.

“That’s why having a safe, reliable supply at these schools is important, both for our tamariki and our rural communities.”

Timed to take place during the school holidays to minimise disruption, the Taranaki rural schools upgraded were:

  • Tikorangi

  • Kaimata

  • Whenuakura

  • Mimi

  • Urutī

  • Huirangi

  • Lepperton

  • Waitoriki

  • Hurleyville

  • Toko

  • Mākāhu

  • Mokoia

Work will take place in rural Whanganui later in 2021, Wairarapa in 2022, and work for the other regions on our electricity network is in the planning stages.



Taranaki - 12 rural schools upgraded.

Whanganui rural schools assessed and modernised.



Wairarapa rural schools assessed and modernised.

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