Red means go – innovative Red Phase chargers accelerating EV adoption in Aotearoa

Two new ultra-fast EV chargers are now available on Powerco’s network so Kiwi drivers can charge on the go.

Using innovative silicon carbide semi-conductor chemistry, Red Phase’s chargers not only provide fast charging for EVs, they also support the electricity network by intelligently responding to minimise impact during peak demand periods. It can even provide network support during high load periods. 

That will enable more EV charging infrastructure to be installed on the existing electricity network, without the need for major capacity upgrades to support extra load. 

In turn this can accelerate the adoption of EVs as Kiwis seek to reduce their carbon emissions.

Red phase was established in 2021 by three local electrical engineers with world-class experience. 

Dustin Murdock, Dr Rob Turner and Mike Lazelle set out to provide simple and fast EV charging.

Today the Napier-based team is 20-strong and working with EV charger and power grid owners here and in Australia to deploy their innovative technology.

The pilot project with Powerco at Z Waiouru earlier this year was successful and there are now two Red Phase chargers available on the network (Waiouru and Masterton) with a third planned for Ngātea later this year.

The Powerco team will be running tests over the next few months to monitor how the technology is performing and interacting with the Powerco network.

All of Red Phase’s technology is designed and manufactured right here in Aotearoa proving once again that Kiwis can be world leaders in tech innovation.

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