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We’ve got a vast network of assets to manage – think power poles, gas pipes, wires, cables, transformers, gas regulating stations… the list goes on and on.

To make sure these assets remain safe, reliable, and efficient, it’s important to make the right choices about where and when to spend money.

That’s where Copperleaf comes in. This software tool helps ensure we’re working on the projects that deliver the best value for you.

It works by using our newly developed ‘Value Framework’ to weigh up factors such as whether the project improves network reliability, increases safety, reduces cost, or reduces environmental impact.

The framework quantifies the value that each proposed project can deliver against these measures so that we can make consistent, informed choices about where we invest.

This is supported by the Asset Health and Criticality framework which turns condition-based assessments into measures of asset health and risk. We then use this information to decide which assets we need to repair or replace.

Copperleaf also allows us to optimise the portfolio of projects that we’re working on – helping us to make informed decisions about where our limited resources are best spent for maximum value.

We’ll be regularly reviewing the framework to ensure it continues to reflect our customers’ needs.


January 2020 - Implementation
Implementation phase started.


August 2020 - Live
Copperleaf go live.


End of 2020 -  Calibration
Calibration of the Value Framework and first collaborative portfolio optimisation assessment session with our teams.

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