Power pylons removed from Manawatu River

Two ageing power pylons have been removed from the banks of the Manawatū River, south-west of Palmerston North, and replaced with smaller poles and lines.

General Manager Service Delivery and Systems Operations Karen Frew says the pylons, known in the electricity industry as ‘lattice towers’, were in private farmland on the riverbank near Linton and across the river near Longburn.

“These two lattice towers were erected some 50 years ago and have come to the end of their operational life. Such towers are uncommon on our electricity network these days, and we’re replacing them with four smaller, new concrete power poles and conductors.

“These new poles and power lines will help ensure the on-going reliability and safety of the power supply to our customers in this rural area,” Karen Frew says.

A low flying helicopter and drone were used to ferry the new cables across the river in early October 2021.

Watch the timelapse video of the action.