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We’re one of 29 electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) operating throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Depending on where you live, work or holiday, either Powerco or one of our fellow EDBs own and maintain the local power poles, lines, cables, and other equipment that bring the power to your property.

Our electricity network extends across the North Island, serving urban and rural homes, businesses, and major industrial and commercial sites. 

As one of the larger electricity distribution businesses in the country, we actively collaborate with our fellow EDBs to find efficiencies that will ultimately benefit customers throughout New Zealand – whether their EDB is a bigger, privately-owned company, or a smaller one operated by a local council or consumer trust.

One of those efficiencies is sharing the electricity standards that our team have had a hand in writing during the years. These ‘standards’ are the policies that direct people who work on our network about the likes of correct design, construction, maintenance, and safety requirements. The construction and material standards, for example, are specifically designed with information that people working on the network need to know to do their job safely and cost effectively.

Working together as an industry, rather than individual companies working differently, means there’s potential to create efficiencies that ultimately benefit all customers – no matter where you live in New Zealand.

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