Electricity to Coromandel Peninsula’s popular holiday destination of Pauanui is delivered via marine cables on the seabed between Tairua and Pauanui.

One power cable lies on the seabed at the entrance to Pauanui Waterways, with another between Pleasant Point and Tairua. While that one is buried in the sand, the Pauanui Waterways’ cable lies on the seabed.

The cables are marked with triangular warning signs onshore at each end of the cable and by buoys on the water (scroll down for example). It’s important to look out for these signs while on your boat or other watercraft so you know where the cables are and can avoid them.

To stay safe:

  • Keep your vessel well clear of the cables
  • Do not anchor near them

If you suspect you’ve snagged a cable:

  • Don’t try to free it
  • Record your position
  • Abandon your gear
  • Contact our emergency line 0800 27 27 27

Potential consequences of hitting a cable

Like with overhead power lines, there’s potential for electric shock with marine cables. 

Damaging them could not only be a safety risk to people on the vessel but could potentially disrupt Pauanui community’s power supply.

The marine cable closest to Pauanui Waterways is the main power supply to Pauanui and is required for busy peak holiday period use.

Standard submarine underwater cable/pipeline marker beacon