To keep our networks safe, reliable and resilient for our customers we regularly inspect and maintain our electricity and gas equipment. Our team and our contractors have health and safety training. 

Where we have assets on your property

We (or our contractors) work with you to ensure work is carried out safely. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Notifying you if we plan to work on your property.

  • Carrying out a hazard assessment and site safety protocols.

If a business operates from your property, we have a mutual duty with the business to coordinate our health and safety activities.

We ask you to: 

  • Let us know if there are any hazards on your property.

  • Let other people on your property know where and when we are working on your property.   

  • Follow all health and safety instructions we or our contractors give to you.

  • Ensure access to our assets is not restricted. Please don’t block vehicle access or any gates or doors to our assets. 

  • Dangerous dogs 

  • Structures attached to or built underneath our equipment 

  • Tree felling 

  • Blasting 

  • Earthworks 

  • Pest control operations 

  • Slippery access or washouts 

  • Dangerous chemicals, fumes or substances 

  • Loud explosions 

General safety if we have assets on your property 

  • Follow all safety or hazard notices displayed on our assets. 

  • Don’t touch assets. 

  • Don’t do anything that may damage assets. 

  • Keep trees at least 4m away from overhead lines. 

  • Don’t build or construct anything too close to assets. 

Planning to do work around our assets

If you plan to do work near the Powerco equipment on your property, it’s essential that you or your contractors are working safely. Find out more about safety when working around electricity or gas equipment. Safety around our networks

Contact us 

Contact us if you have concerns about the condition of Powerco-owned assets on your property, or if you feel it is becoming a hazard.  

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