Wairarapa power restoration work to begin at first light - 9:30am update

Friday, July 22, 2022
Work to reconnect Wairarapa customers re-started this morning, after strong winds on Thursday caused numerous outages, and left some customers without power overnight.

Outages were caused by lines and poles coming down in the high winds, as well as trees blowing into lines.

Outages continued to occur throughout the evening and into Friday morning.

Helicopters are being used to assess access and damage from the air this morning, and extra crews are on their way from Whanganui to assist with the reconnection work.

While conditions are cold the wind is settling, and it’s hoped that access will be restored today, allowing crews to reach areas that were cut off yesterday.

Currently there are 428 customers still without power across the region. 

Restoration work includes poles being replaced, and trees being cleared from lines by arborists.

Powerco thanks customers for their ongoing patience and advises customers looking for the latest outage information to view the outage page on Powerco’s website: www.powerco.co.nz/outages

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