Reconnecting customers a priority focus - 7 pm update

Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Powerco has reconnected some 5000 customers today, after all available crews were dispatched to clear debris and repair damage across its network.
Clean up efforts since Sunday have progressively seen power restored to the 35,000 customers that were impacted by outages during Cyclone Dovi.
Network Operations Manager Scott Horniblow says crews are once again working into the evening to try and reconnect the remaining 3,053 customers still without power, though some may not be reconnected this evening.
“Our crews are doing everything they can to get the power back on, but the extent of the damage and complexity of repairs means some customers could remain off overnight. 
“Although work is progressing, for safety reasons we will have to stand down our crews at 8pm, except for those who will be on hand to respond to any emergencies during the night.
“We know that the possibility of not having power another night is a difficult message for our customers to hear, but our crews will continue repairs in the daylight as our priority. For this reason, we’ve postponed all planned maintenance work for Wednesday so that crews can focus on reconnecting customers.”

“Once again, we’d like to thank customers for their continued patience and understanding.”
Powerco reminds all customers without power to report their outage through their website directly via or to their electricity retailer - the company who sends their power bill. Having this visibility ensures it is aware of every fault, including instances where a customer is without power when others in their neighbourhood have supply.

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