Powerco proactively managing electricity load - 8:45am

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Powerco is this morning proactively managing hot water systems across its electricity network areas.

National Grid operator Transpower has issued a notice to lines companies, of which Powerco is one, signaling insufficient electricity generation to cover this morning’s peak power use. 

“There’s been no request to reduce load on the national grid at this stage. We are, however, being proactive and managing controlled hot water systems to help lessen the load on the National Grid and avoid the need to disconnect customers,” Powerco General Manager Service Delivery and Systems Operations, Karen Frew, says. 

Customers will still have hot water however Karen Frew advises customers keep their hot tap use to a minimum as hot water systems could take longer to reheat after use this morning.

Last evening, Powerco responded to a Transpower request for electricity lines companies nationwide to reduce load on the national grid. Controlled hot water systems across Powerco’s electricity network areas were temporarily switched off to reduce network load and avoid the need to disconnect any customers.

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