Powerco Gas Asset Management Plan 2023

Tuesday, October 03, 2023
Powerco’s Gas Asset Management Plan (Gas AMP) 2023 is now available for customers and stakeholders to read. 
The plan outlines how Powerco will develop and maintain its gas network over the next decade, meeting the changing needs of customers while ensuring that supply remains safe, reliable, resilient and cost-effective. 

CEO James Kilty says the AMP addresses the challenges and opportunities the energy transition presents for Powerco and its customers.

“Our 2023 Gas AMP reflects the changes in our operating environment - showing our commitment to enabling Aotearoa to reach its net-zero by 2050 goal, and the role gas will play in the sustainable energy transition.

Over the next ten years we’ll be working with our industrial gas customers – who consume the large majority of gas – to lower their emissions by reducing their use of natural gas and shifting more of their energy use to sustainable energy sources, like electricity and renewable gas.

For our residential customers – who are much larger in number but consume far less – we’re readying our networks for natural gas alternatives, like biogas. That gives household customers confidence that gas will remain an affordable and reliable option for them,” he says.

Those changes will see new connection numbers, network growth, and the overall demand for gas, reduce. 

As a result, the Gas AMP articulates Powerco’s focus; continuing to maintain gas assets to ensure they’re safe, reliable and resilient to the anticipated impacts of climate change, while actively working with industry to ready the network to integrate renewable gas alternatives. 
The Gas Asset Management Plan 2023 is available to read HERE

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