Laptops for Putāruru Primary

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Local lines company Powerco recently donated 30 laptops to Putāruru Primary School for the school’s tamariki to use.

Following the rollout of new laptops across the company last year, many of the old laptops were found to be in great working condition, prompting the decision to give them a second life in classrooms across the company’s network footprint.

Around 300 laptops have been donated across the North Island, including the 30 to Putāruru Primary which were delivered in February.

Putāruru Principal Trish Scown says the laptops will be used to support learning, and the development of the students’ digital skills.

“We were thrilled to receive the new laptops. We started a new Y5/6 class this year but didn't have enough technology for the class so when the children heard they were getting these laptops they were really excited and couldn't wait for them to arrive. These laptops mean that every child in the class has the use of one whenever they need it, ” she says.

The laptops will extend the school’s ability to run special programmes she continues.

“The other five laptops are being used to run a special programme called STEPs. This programme is especially great for children who have dyslexia but also for those that struggle with spelling.”


Powerco team member handing out laptops to school children.

Powerco team member with laptops for school children.

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