Gas safety campaign success

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Powerco’s recent public safety campaign to raise awareness about the importance of reporting suspected gas leaks has gained significant visibility across its network.

The campaign, which ran from 13 July to 15 August in Taranaki, Manawatū, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington, utilised various channels to reach Powerco’s customers, including newspapers, digital advertising and social media, bus backs and radio.
It has been one of Powerco's most successful public safety campaigns, reaching more than 43,800 users on Facebook. Of those, 3,500 visited Powerco's website to find more information about what to do in an emergency, while others reported suspicious smells that could be a gas leak via comments directly on Powerco’s Facebook page, which were then investigated.

Gas Operations Manager Don Elers says the campaign, which used an image of a dog, succeeded in sharing an important message in a memorable way.

“We’re pleased with the level of engagement the campaign received. Safety is always our highest priority, so whether they turn out to be gas leaks or not, we want people to let us know if they smell something they think may be gas, rather than ignoring it,” he says.

“In addition to raising awareness among our customers, we continue to improve our gas network. In May, we completed our major five-year upgrade of gas pipelines in Wellington’s CBD, and we have 11 more pipeline improvement projects this year – four of these are in the Taranaki region. 

“As a result of projects like this, the number of actual, confirmed gas leaks this year is lower than our historic average, which means a safer network for our customers, communities and crews. 

“Although the campaign wrapped up in August, our message to the public continues: If you think you smell gas, please let us know. Our field crews are available 24/7 to investigate suspected gas leaks, so we encourage anyone to contact us through our emergency line on 0800 111 848 if they have concerns.”

You can find out more about staying safe around our networks - learn more 

An image of Powerco's gas safety campaign featuring a bulldog.

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