Our electricity Asset Management Plan 2024 update

Our electricity Asset Management Plan (AMP) details how we’ll be investing in our electricity network over the next ten years so we can continue to keep the communities we serve connected to safe, reliable and resilient electricity well into the future.  

This year we’ve updated the ten-year plan we released in 2023, to ensure that we’re testing our thinking and continuing to be responsive to our customers’ changing needs. 

The 2024 AMP update has been influenced by recent events like Cyclone Gabrielle, the impacts of climate change, and what skills and capabilities will be required to support a future network architecture. 

That’s why our update addresses the importance of resilience of the network both in terms of climate change adaptation plans and in network strengthening against major storms.  

We’re also continuing to plan for growing demand as Aotearoa New Zealand electrifies and decarbonises, and working to make our networks future-ready and open access as customers move to becoming active participants in the energy system using distributed energy resources and distributed generation. 

Here’s some of what we’ve been thinking about in the 2024 update to our AMP: 


Read our Asset Management Plan update 2024 here


The opportunity to grow to zero 

Electrification is a key enabler to helping Aotearoa to decarbonise as we work towards being net-zero by 2050 – using our abundant renewable electricity generation resources like wind, hydro and solar to move away from fossil fuels over time. 

As part of that sustainable energy transition, we see an opportunity to leverage our clean energy system - including our renewable electricity system - to attract investment and grow the economy. 

Growth will be critical to funding adaptation to the changing climate so Kiwis can continue to thrive. 

We call this ambitious thinking ‘grow to zero’ and you can watch our CEO James Kilty talking more about it HERE