CPP delivery insights with Ryno Verster and James Kilty

The end of March 2023 marked the successful completion of Powerco’s customised price-quality path (CPP), an ambitious, five-year investment programme to connect our communities now and into the future.

Backed by the support of our customers, who told us they wanted a safe and reliable network that supported regional growth and enabled their future energy choices, our CPP journey began in 2018.  Since then, our programme has seen us invest in major projects, renewals and maintenance, vegetation management and the introduction of new systems, technology and processes to enhance our performance and, importantly, improve the experience of our customers. 

Delivering on our promise to our communities hasn’t come without its challenges. Our ability to mitigate risk and evolve to deliver despite many challenges posed by our changing operating environment, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain issues and skills shortages, and factors outside of our control such as the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather, is a strength we developed throughout the journey. 

Highlights of our five-year delivery 

Achieving ISO55001 certification that recognises our asset management is world class.
Replacing or reinforcing 21,876 poles, and 906km of overhead line replaced.
Achieved the CPP objective of stabilising network quality performance.
Invested $828 million in network renewal and growth during the past five years. 
A total of 17 major ($5m+) infrastructure projects delivered, new solutions found, alternative plans underway or being investigated.

Powerco CEO James Kilty: “We are very confident that our CPP application and programme of work was the right decision to lift the reliability and resilience of our network to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. 

“However, in my view, the improvement in the assets is not the main benefit of the CPP programme for our customers and communities. The most important strategic benefit delivered by the CPP programme, is the capability it has given us to meet the urgent need to support communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

Click here for Powerco’s final CPP delivery report 2023 – Delivering for our communities.   

CPP delivery in conversation

Watch CEO James Kilty talk with General Manager Business Strategy Ryno Verster about the mahi behind Powerco’s CPP journey, including the need to adapt to change and challenges, delivering in a different way and what it means for the future.