Powerco-approved contractors

You must use a certified Powerco-approved contractor to carry out work on our electricity network including connections, disconnections and upgrades.   

Contact the contractor that’s right for you depending on the type of work you need done. Contractors can do all types of connections unless indicated otherwise in the table below.

If there’s already supply to your boundary, you may simply need a service line or cable to connect your property. If there’s extra work required to bring supply to your boundary or to upgrade the supply already at your site to service your load (the amount of power you’ll be using) you’ll need a contractor who specialises in more complex work.  

Fuse installations, load changes, connections and disconnections
Connecting houses, farms, industrial or commercial buildings where our network supply is already at the boundary of the property. Fuse installations. Disconnections – both temporary and permanent. 

Point of supply installations
Designing and installing connections to bring network supply to the boundary of your property. Relocating existing pillars. 

designing and installing power for new subdivisions. Relocating existing assets (such as moving a pole) 

Large commercial and industrial
Designing and installing power supply for new subdivisions for large residential, commercial or industrial developments that require significant load. Upgrading connections for large commercial or industrial buildings. 

Connecting new or altering existing streetlights. 
A Powerco-approved contractor has the required competency, and approval from Powerco to carry out work on our network. When you accept a quote from a Powerco-approved contractor, they are responsible to you for the design, work and cost. The design, work and cost involved is covered by a contract between you and your chosen Powerco-approved contractor. Your Powerco-approved contractor will check in with us at some points (eg they send us their design to show us it meets our standards), but they remain responsible to you for the design, work and cost.  


Downer Taranaki/Manawatū
0800 33 99 77


06 213 7071
(Large commercial and industrial and Subdivisions only)


ElectroNet Services
03 768 9300


0800 546 376 


NPE-Tech Ltd Taranaki
06 758 7755


Obertech Limited
06 278 4514


Power Related Services Taranaki Ltd
06 755 1014


Wells Instruments Electrical
06 753 0333
(Point of supply installations, Fuse installations, load changes, connections and disconnections only)