Large commercial industrial and residential

Connecting your large site or residential development

If you’re building a large residential development (100 lots or more) or you’re building or upgrading a large commercial or industrial site (750kVA or more) contact us by filling in the form below.  

We’ll do an initial assessment of what will be required to connect you before you engage your Powerco-approved contractor to carry out the work. 

Make sure you get in touch with us early in your planning process to avoid delays.  

How much network upgrade work is required will depend on factors like how much power your site needs, where our network is in relation to your site and who else is already using power in the area. If your project needs our National Grid operator Transpower to upgrade one of their Grid Exit Points, design and construction can take several years.   

Here’s an indication of what you can expect: 

6 - 12 months to build a network line or cable to deliver electricity to your site. 

18 - 24 months to upgrade one of our substation's transformers. 

24 - 36 months to upgrade switchboards or construct substation housing. 

12 - 24 months to upgrade a circuit that connects one of our substations to a Transpower substation. 

2 - 4 years to upgrade a Transpower Grid Exit Point.

You’ll find an overview of the design and construction process below.

Design and construction process

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