Replant for Tomorrow Wairarapa

Powerco has teamed up with Wairarapa arborists, Arb Innovations, to bring Replant for Tomorrow to Greytown. 

Powerco and Arb Innovations worked with the Greytown Community Board and Greytown Tree Action Group to identify sites around town that would benefit from this initiative. The first planting happened to celebrate Arbor Day 2021, with the team currently working together to identify further sites that will benefit this planting season. 

The project so far 

Arbor Day 2021 - The first planting day saw 30 trees planted at O’Connor’s Bush at Greytown Memorial Park. Two larger established trees were planted near the entrance to Greytown Cemetery.  

About Arb Innovations 

Arb Innovations are Wellington’s leading Arboricultural Specialists.  They pride themselves on enabling their clients with solutions in vegetation management from consultation through to delivery of the project. Arb Innovations has been working alongside Powerco in the Wairarapa region since 2021.  And in that time have worked to clear the local network of vegetation that could potentially cause a power outage.