Replant for Tomorrow Taranaki

Replant for Tomorrow Taranaki is a Powerco initiative, in partnership with Asplundh and Wild for Taranaki, to redress the vegetation loss and help restore Taranaki’s biodiversity. 

Over the coming years, our Replant for Tomorrow commitment will support the regeneration of native ecosystems as part of the Restore Taranaki initiative.  

Powerco, Restore Taranaki and Asplundh are all proud to be behind this community initiative, and to be providing a special asset for current and future generations living in and visiting our region. 

The project so far 

December 2019 – Restore Taranaki secured land to plant native trees through the Native Reforestation Trust. This trust acquires land to promote the regeneration of forests, protect important species and restore their habitats and to improve the quality of our waterways. Omoana is located east of Eltham and has the capacity for 8,000 native trees to be planted. 

May 2020 - Asplundh begins to prepare the land for planting. Having the land cleared and ready, will give the native trees the optimum growing conditions.

July 2020 - Staff from Powerco, Asplundh and Wild for Taranaki headed out to Omoana and planted 2500 trees in the reserve. 

June 2021
 - Staff from Powerco, Asplundh and Wild for Taranaki once again returned to Omoana to plant a further 1850 trees in the reserve. 

About Restore Taranaki 

Restore Taranaki is a community driven restoration project facilitated by Wild for Taranaki. It is a region-wide initiative which brings together a collaboration of over 40 local organisations. 

Individuals, groups and organisations in the Taranaki community come together to carry out conservation work. Together, they are working to protect and enhance the region’s unique native plants and animals and their ecosystems. They’re dedicated and united by a shared vision that by 2050, Taranaki’s cloak will be restored. 

About Asplundh 

Asplundh was established in New Zealand in 1990, and today is one of the country’s leading vegetation management companies. 

Asplundh has worked alongside Powerco in the Taranaki region for the past 14 years. In that time Asplundh has worked to clear the Powerco network of vegetation that could potentially cause a power outage, to help keep the power on. Asplundh is passionate about helping restore the cloak to Taranaki by being involved in Replant for Tomorrow and will manage the trees until they are well established in the ground.