Replant for Tomorrow

Replant for Tomorrow helps restore biodiversity through native tree planting.  

With close to a quarter of all power outages across our network caused by trees or branches coming into to contact with power lines, proactive tree management is important to ensuring the supply of safe and reliable power. 

We’ve teamed up with a number of different organisations across our network in order to deliver this initiative.  

Replant for Tomorrow benefits the environment and will be enjoyed by generations to come. Read about what’s happening in Coromandel, Taranaki and Wairarapa below. 
Replant for Tomorrow – Coromandel 

We’ve partnered with Trees for Survival to support local schools to grow and plant native trees. 

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Replant for Tomorrow – Taranaki 

We’ve teamed up with Restore Taranaki and Asplundh to help restore the cloak of Taranaki. 

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Replant for Tomorrow – Wairarapa 

We’re working with Arb Innovations, Greytown Community Board and Greytown Tree Action Group to identify tree planting sites. 

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