We know that for some Kiwis, heating the home and paying the power bill is a struggle. That’s why since 2020, we’ve partnered with the Electricity Retailers Association of NZ to deliver EnergyMate in Hawera, to help families manage their energy needs.

EnergyMate is a free energy coaching service for households at risk of energy hardship. During an in-home visit, EnergyMate coaches help families and whānau make the most of their electricity by

• Getting them on a power plan that best suits their needs
• Giving advice on affordable ways to heat the home and using appliances efficiently
• Checking hot water and shower flow
• Providing free LED lightbulbs for instant power savings.

By doing so, Kiwis can save hundreds of dollars a year. See our energy-saving tips here



Partnership updates

Wednesday, December 01, 2021
Results from the partnership between electricity retailers, lines companies, the government and community organisations.