We’re passionate about our own backyard and preserving it for generations to come. That’s why we sponsor the Powerco Education Centre at Wildbase Recovery, which teaches tamariki about the importance of protecting wildlife.

Wildbase Recovery is a specialist centre in Palmerston North that provides shelter and care for native wildlife recovering after treatment at Massey University’s Wildbase Hospital. The Powerco Education Centre allows Wildbase staff to run free, interactive education programmes to introduce the next generation to the importance of conservation and how they can make a difference.


In 2021 we decided to go a step further and offer Replant for Tomorrow seed packets through Wildbase's Big Picture Education Programme. That means students in the Manawatū will not only learn about how they can protect the environment, but they can also grow their very own native trees in their backyard for wildlife to live in. Through this partnership we're helping to plant more native trees in the communities we serve. So far over 2021-22 we've supplied 2,500 seed packets of kōwhai, cabbage tree, renga renga lily and mānuka.


"Powerco’s partnership with Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery fosters a range of educational opportunities for tamariki. Through this collaboration, Powerco provides valuable resources that enable hands-on involvement in conservation efforts, empowering tamariki to learn about conservation and establish a deep connection with nature. This partnership serves as a pathway to ignite passion, and develop the next generation of environmental kaitiaki, guardians."
- Chris Smith, Wildbase Recovery Centre Manager

To find out more visit  Wildbase Recovery Centre

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