Powerco crews ready to respond to Gabrielle

Friday, February 10, 2023
Powerco has extra field crews on standby ready to respond with predictions that Cyclone Gabrielle will bring “significant severe weather” to its electricity network areas from Sunday-Monday.

Gale force winds can cause trees and other debris to down power lines, with heavy rain having the potential to destabilise power poles in areas already sodden from recent storm events. 

“We do our very best to prepare for extreme weather events and respond quickly by having extra crews on the ground ready to make repairs and restore power to our customers,”
Powerco Head of Network Operations Caz Haydon says. 

“However, with the weather in the last few weeks, particularly in the Coromandel, already causing slips and flooding in the region, it’s likely that more severe weather will cause damage and outages to our electricity network. Depending on road conditions, there may also be delays in crews reaching fault sites to start work.

“It’s incredibly important that if you come across downed power lines that you treat them as live at all times, stay well clear and contact our 24/7 emergency line on 0800 0800 27 27 27 or 111.”

Caz Haydon urges customers to secure outdoor furniture and prepare for the possibility of power outages ahead of Gabrielle reaching land.

“Please take the time to secure anything that could blow into lines such as trampolines, outdoor furniture and other loose items, such as sheets of iron. Wind-blown debris has caused multiple power outages in previous storms and are a major threat to people’s safety.”

Customers can prepare for possible power outages by stocking up on torches and batteries, ensuring cellphone batteries are charged and BBQ gas bottles filled, and having bottled water on hand if they rely on a pump. Click here for more power outage tips.

Customers wanting information about power cuts can click here or can contact their electricity retailer.

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