Injection plant fire in Greytown

Monday, June 10, 2024
The cause of a fire this morning at Powerco’s Greytown injection plant on Bidwills Cutting Road in Greytown is under investigation. 

No one was hurt in the fire and there were no power outages.

Powerco was first alerted to the fire at 9.54am thanks to an electronic alarm, and a member of the public called the fire department. 

“An injection plant releases a signal along the electricity network and controls hot water, streetlights, night rate heaters,” Powerco Head of Network Operations, Caz Haydon, says.
While repairs are made to the plant, streetlights in Greytown, Featherston and Martinborough will be turned on manually tonight. Some areas maybe without street lighting as each street light circuit is required to be switched on manually and this takes time. People may also notice streetlights being turned on earlier than normal as lights will start to be switched on from this afternoon. 

Customers’ hot water remains on, however night-rate hot water systems and night store heaters will not be able to be switched on tonight, which means customers who have chosen this service will experience a lack of hot water tomorrow morning. 

“Thanks to our customers for their understanding and patience while we repair the injection plant and restore services,” Caz Haydon says. 

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